High speed Camelion BC-0529+0 Battery Charger

High speed Camelion BC-0529+0 Battery Charger

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Product description :

  • Owns 2 charging Channels. 
  • Convenient charging ports.
  • It can evenly distribute the current regardless of the number of batteries on the slots.
  • It also facilitates the complete discharging of a battery when needed.
  • It will charge until the batteries are full as detected by heat sensors.
  • My charger does both AA and AAA cells but has a depressed slot for the smaller AAA cells.
  • Charges Battery Type  Ni-MH  Ni-Cd.
  • Plug-In AC Adapter.
  • This Camelion battery charger charges your brand batteries.
  • It can charge both AA and AAA type, in one to less than four hours.
  • With this battery charger at home, you don't have to slap every time on your remote control batteries run out of charge.
  • In just a few hours, you can get fully charged batteries. 

 2 LED indicators at the time of charging and fully charged

  1. Red indicates Charging.
  2. Green indicates fully charged. 
  1. Input: 220-230v~50Hz
  2. Output: For AA batteries- 2*(2.8V-150mA) For AAA batteries  2*(2.8V-80mA) 

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